Introverts unite (individually).
Love your blog so much. My ultimate favorite. I'm an introvert and your blog just .. Says everything for me. ♥
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This is very nice of you. Thank you 

I have always been an idea of a person, even to myself. Behind my eyes my are abstract thoughts of another universe entirely, like nebulas contorting, aching to be realised in words… everything that you see now is an austere reflection of those around me, a society where I will never belong.
Celestial Dynasty. (via celestial-dynasty)
I dream of lost vocabularies that might express some of what we no longer can.
Jack Gilbert
It is so nice when people care. (It is also emotionally exhausting like motherfucking hell.)
Charles Bukowski, Care
What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.
Ellen Burstyn
Introverts are collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and future.
Laurie Helgoe
I’ve never had inner turmoil about all this. You find a lot of people these days who cannot stand to be alone. You could lock me up in solitary for weeks on end, and I’d keep myself amused.
Keith Richards
I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
Friedrich Nietzsche (via gettingahealthybody)
Introverts, man. We’re weird sometimes. Like, “I love you, but I need to go over here by myself right now.”
Skype conversation with ksumnersmith  (via fantasiawandering)
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